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Metalheads against hatred and racism

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For years, radicals have been trying to subvert the metal scene and use our music to spread their ideological fervour fuelled by hatred. We think it's time to take a stand and do something against it! Of course, our music has some rebellious background, and dealing with political issues is a crucial point for a large number of bands, too. Metal, rock and gothic in all its varieties have never been mere music genres, but they also reflect a certain way of life. So these people encroach our lifestyle to exclude others, spread racism and invoke violence. We are tired of just ignoring or even tolerating these people and ask everybody out there . metal heads, bands, organisers, labels, magazines or even the small record dealer around the corner - for their support. Our music should not be used to agitate against marginal groups or to exclude fans having a different colour of the skin or a different belief, but to experience the spirit of Rock'n'Roll and to share it with others!
  • We want to signal our opposition. We don't want our scene to be subverted by people invoking violence and hatred.
  • Music bridges opposites and unites people from all over the world in friendship.
  • We all have friends from different countries or even far away continents, and we will no longer sit and watch these friendships being put at risk or even destroyed by extremists.
  • Not for nothing have metal festivals always been peaceful events, despite the fact that people of different nationalities, cultures and religions come together, and we want to leave that unchanged.
  • Therefore we say "fuck off" to racism, xenophobia and religious fundamentalism and every negative aspect that goes along with it.
  • All men are equal, no matter which race, nationality, belief or philosophy they belong to. Everyone who argues the converse will not find a ready welcome in the community of peaceable music fans.
  • To answer hatred with hatred is not a solution - therefore we also say no to people who call themselves the "enemies" of racism, nationalism or religious fundamentalism, but behave no better than the people they pretend to be against.

Supporter: Sabbat

"...There are many among us who have already succumbed to this primeval urge; those who mistrust, vilify and persecute their fellow human beings merely due to the fact that they are of a different race or religion – or often simply because they like alternative music, wear some unusual clothing or even support a rival sports team. At a time when our species wields weaponry of truly diabolic power I feel this is an extremely worrying mindset to possess!...".
"...Fragile humanity has so far survived countless environmental threats as well as several truly global catastrophes over the millennia; and it’s only because of our varied racial and cultural diversity, plus the eclectic talents of all our early ancestors who’ve shared and united their combined knowledge, that we have been able to survive and prosper as a species to the present day."

"May your guardian-spirits be with you always!". ( und

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